When I am focused on something everything else pretty much drops away.  This is good and bad.  I am able to focus intensely on the task at hand.  That's good right?  Well yes.  I notice deeply.  But the other thing that's great about it is that when I switch gears I SWITCH GEARS.  This super pays off with the girls.  It doesn't matter how stressful my day at work, or rehearsal, or self-doubt riddled writing session was, once I pick up the girls it all melts away and all I am thinking about, all I am doing, is being their dad. 

This may sound like some syrupy sweet sentimental nonsense, but it's more just brain chemistry.  It's also why I leave things all over the place and tend to leave sentences unfinished as I get distracted by whatever. What can I say, it's my blessing and my curse.  For now, I have moved on from art-making mode to Dad mode.  For today.