neon green post-it from Suzanne's ephemera

neon green post-it from Suzanne's ephemera

Cagey is in the studio with our latest script, 74. Written as part of BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange's Parent Artist Space Grant, 74 is a full-length multimedia show.  The found text, from Karen's late mother Suzanne, features:

  • the 1970's women's movement in Ontario
  • articles on hurricanes
  • children's television scripts
  • obscure facts on war
  • small neon post-its

It's all wrapped up in a show about feminism, aging, history, transition, and family, featuring guest spots from our kids, our babysitter, and a cavalcade of women of all ages.

New collaborators are coming on board and a mystery video has just been unearthed.  We're eager to share this multi-generational family project with you.