• Episode I: Blue Puppies
  • Episode II: Blue Puppies in Hell
  • Episode III: Blue Puppies: Death and the Snowman
  • Episode IV: Blue Puppies on the Couch

Meet the Christiansons: Husband Tom. Reads the paper. Wife Pamela. Likes to dust. And Rudolf. Canine. Blue. All-powerful. With a big blue chip on his shoulder. He likes to defy the laws of physics all over the guests – or rather Special Guest Stars.  Hey, was that the doorbell?

It’s not unlike The Electra Saga, except for the all-powerful blue dog.  And there’s a human inkblot.  And devil. And snowman. And Freud.  Okay, it’s not much like The Electra Saga. Except for the matricide.

Episodes of THE BLUE PUPPIES CYCLE were presented at:

  • The Ontological
  • The Brick
  • Dixon Place
  • with the Field at HERE Arts Center and on the Frying Pan

The complete CYCLE was presented at:

  • The Chocolate Factory.


transcribed by David Vining & Christina Nicosia

Two foreigners get angry (and melancholy and pissy and sentimental); 1 moderator pushes some buttons.  A short moderated bitch session taken from interviews with the subjects, two actors who came to New York City to pursue their own dreams, American and otherwise. 

Presented at:

  • BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange
  • The American Living Room at HERE Arts Center


written by Karen Grenke, David Vining, and ensemble

A collection of intertwined vignettes about the human experience seen through the lens of the zombie oeuvre.  Are they merely a blank canvas upon which we lay our own hopes and insecurities, or is there something going on within the hearts and minds of these blood-thirsty undead creatures?  Can you look into the eyes of your beloved and know what they are thinking?  Witness violence, beauty, fear, togetherness, and a romance between a zombie and a butterfly.

Full CHRONICLES presented at:

  • BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange (Space Grant)

Individual pieces presented at:

  • Tiny Theater Festival
  • The Brick



co-produced with 4Panel

written by Karen Grenke, Christina Nicosia, Jonathan Van Gieson, David Vining

Wuthering Heights set in an 80's teen movie.  Alternative girl Cath and her tortured trenchcoat wearing boyfriend Heath get up close and personal with popular siblings Edgar and Izzy in this mashup of two of the most angsty genres ever!  We should really remake it as a musical someday and push it right over the top.

Workshop presented at:

  • chashama

Full production presented at:

  • 14th Street Y


written by David Vining

A one-man show about an over-educated underachiever having an early midlife crisis.  Attempting to turn his back on Socrates and Nietzsche and his two ex-girlfriends, Smart Kid turns to Robert Wilson and Richard Foreman.  Smart Kid's self-produced evening of theatrical rantings and ravings comes with hip intermission entertainment and doughnuts.  Bruno!  Lights!

presented at:

  • The Ontological
  • HERE Arts Center


written by Joel Jeske

Classic vaudeville returns as the multitalented Golden Age troupe present original with a vintage flair.  The Top Dog can't catch a break as the Professor tries to make it through the next act without losing his hat.  Watch out for those slamming doors!

presented at:

  • The American Living Room at HERE Arts Center
  • The Metropolitan Playhouse
  • Bindlestiff Family Cirkus at the Palace of Variety


written by David Vining

A  multi-year investigation of Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie led to two new plays about the characters and relationships contained within this classic text.  The Last Menagerie delves into the fragility of love, while Cracked examines the family ties and addiction in the context of a hallucinatory ghost story.

Cracked presented at:

  • HERE Arts Center

The Last Menagerie presented at:

  • HERE Arts Center