team pteranodon

Last night was a glorious frenzy of joint writing - one of those nights when the words dance around the page in all the right ways.  It got us talking about how we evaluate our work. And we were stumped for a bit until we realized the obvious: we have each other. The long years of collaborative teamwork mean that the push-pull of theatre-making and critiquing is second nature.  Thank god.

That reminded me of something fellow theatre-maker and twin parent Meghan said about having twins, "it's no harder than tech week."  It's true!  I mean, tech week is a bitch but we've done it so many times now, we've got all our systems down. This longstanding teamwork sensibility was holy-crap-unbelievably handy when we had babies. And I think the hard work of the baby thing is going to pay off artistically. Of all the good things I anticipated/hoped would come from parenthood, this was not one of them.